Boosted revenue with no commission fee

Not only can make direct hotel booking on your website but also on many difference channels such as Facebook Page, and your own front desk.

Your Website
Use your own website to make more revenue,
guests can make direct reservations on your website.
Your Facebook Page
Turn Fackbook to be a online hotel booking website
by add our code into your Facebook fanpage and ready to sell your properties.
Your Front Desk
Reception can make reservation directly from our
front desk system when guests call or walk-ins, you don't need anothers software to manage it.
Fully optimized for SEO

Our online hotel booking engine website builder fully optimized for SEO, you don't need to know about how to add code just simple put some infomations after that your web will be indexed on google.

Manage prices, promotions, and payment gateway so easily

You can manage all your room's availability and rates, promotions, and choose the payment gateway with a few clicks.

Calculation for room rate and add extras
Support calculation for only just room rate or plus an extra services
Create several promotions
Support basic promotions such as free night, last minute or package. Moreover, the system can also support other type of promotions following to the hotel or resort side is requirement.
Available payment gateways
Support all major online payment gateway such as paypal, kbank, scb, ktc, bbl, and chaiyopay.
Easily to access

Access from anywhere at any time using your mobile, tablet or desktop from our efficiency of online hotel booking system which is developed on cloud base platform.

Stay connected from anywhere at any time
Access from anywhere at any time using your mobile, tablet or desktop, there is nothing to download or install.
Make reservation in one click
Pick the date, select the room, the rate and put some guest details. As simple as 1, 2, 3!
Manage users, template and languages

Manage data access security, modify the look of your website from many difference templates, and choose language to supports up to 5 languages.

User access controls
The user management system enables you to create and manage login credentials for each user. You can also limit the access's level for each user.
Beautiful website templates
The template management system enables you to change website template that fits your needs.
5 languages for international guests
The language management system enables you to create multilingual website up to 5 basic languages which are Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
Dashboard function

The dashboard function shows room availability, all guests reservation detail, check-in and check-out status in one page.

See all reports

See all type of reports from anywhere at any time, with our reporting features to ensure you have a complete overview and performance of your property.

One low price, many features

No contact duration. You can cancel your subscription any time, just stop paying.

How our pricing can be so low?

Because we know that the most important thing in business is operating costs, so we designed our online hotel booking system on cloud based platform. As a result, we can manage everything so easily. That is the reason why our pricing can be so low.

    What you’ll get
  • Unlimited phone and email support.
  • No commission fee on your website.

Can use up to 3 properties.