Online Hotel Booking system is ready to support hotel room reservation for 24 hours.

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Online Hotel Booking

Online Hotel Booking system is suitable to hotel and resort business that there is no online reservation hotel system on their website. This system can help worldwide customers to do hotel booking on hotel’s website directly. Our online hotel booking system can facilitate the customers to book room with the hotel side, so the customers are sure that they are booking the hotel room with the hotel side straight and there is no any mistake.

With maximum efficiency and security of the online hotel booking system which is developed from Cloud Computing Technology for working and processing, our system is ready to support the hotel room reservation all the time from the worldwide customers for 24 hours, it is not down. Moreover, our system is also supportable to the changing status of the customers’ booking that is changeable all the time immediately. Our online hotel booking system is easy-to-use and efficient because of the quick processing beneath Cloud Computing Technology, so your hotel or resort business can continually access this online hotel booking system whole time.

For the customers who want to book the hotel room with the hotel or resort side, processes of our online hotel booking system is uncomplicated, convenient and quick which is very influent to decision on the customer’s booking. Therefore, if you decide to use our online hotel booking system, you are confident that the customers will impress on your convenient online hotel booking system which is very easy-to-use and convenient. For this reason, your booking orders will be increased with no doubt!

Function of our Online Hotel Booking

  • SEO support (Always on google First page)

    Our Online Hotel Booking system is designed for be ranked on the first page of Google easily which boosts your more business opportunities too!

  • Several patterns and beautiful templates

    There are several patterns templates which are neatly designed for your hotel room reservation website. They are consisted of beautiful design and fully functions which are supportable every requirement of hotel room reservation.


  • Eye-catching gallery

    Gallery is show the example pictures of hotel, resort, rooms and services that you can upload the extra size of pictures for beautiful and clear view. It is a good advantage to help the customers to decide to book a room with your hotel.

  • Four languages Online Hotel Booking

    The customers can visit our Online Hotel Booking system on five basic languages are Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. We see that multilingual hotel website can attract the customers around the world.

  • Inform reservation status via E-mail

    Status notification services for the customers such as booking status and payment status via E-mail which will report to the customers as soon as they has finished booking and payment that they can check their status at all time.

  • Reservation via the Backend System

    It can facilitate to the customers of the hotel and resort who call up to ask or book the hotel room via telephone, the hotel side can reserve the hotel room for the customers via the backend system instantly.

  • Manage on users or licensing of users

    You can setup and split licensing of log in for the users, it facilitate to usability of users that is manageable and usable as much as necessary.

  • Real Time data management

    With speed and efficiency of Cloud Computing Technology, this system can automatically process data. Consequently, the customers can know about a result of reservation or the service charge that they must pay to the hotel side instantly, not waste time to wait for processing.

  • Install a search box everywhere of the webpage

    For a search box of our online hotel booking system, the hotel side can select its position for install following to suitability of hotel is webpage.

  • Support a payment with a credit card

    Our online hotel booking system support major online payment gateway such as paypal, kbank, scb, ktc, and chaiyopay.

  • Create several promotions

    Our online hotel booking system has function for support hotel is booking promotion such as free night, last minute or package. Moreover, the system also can support other promotion following to the hotel or resort side is requirement.

  • Support calculation for both combined and separated costs of booking.

    Our online hotel booking system has function for support costs of booking calculation according to customers booking both only costs of hotel room and also add costs of additional service.

Advantages of our Online Hotel Booking for your business hotel

  • Reduce cost of the hotel room, the customers can book the hotel room directly with the hotel side.
  • Reduce mistakes in the customer's hotel room reservation because our online hotel booking system is developed by Cloud Computing Technology, every the customer's booking, the hotel side will receive the correct information certainly.
  • Our online hotel booking system is continually workable all the time, not uninterrupted because of Cloud Computing Technology.
  • The system is including fully functions and the working of the system is quick and up-to-date because of Cloud Computing Technology, you then don't miss every the customer's contact.
  • The system is easy-to-use, so it can help to save time of working and save your cost.
  • The system is checkable status of hotel room reservation, available room following to your desirable date. Besides, there is a warning system when there is a reservation too.
  • There is a report system for income calculation and summary of the customer's reservation orders, the executive is easy understandable.
  • There is more hotel or resort reservation orders because this system is supportable for SEO, it help your hotel or resort’s website to be on the top rank of Google and will be discovered from hotel room searching more easily.
  • It can increase more customers because this system is supportable working on five languages are Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Your customers will increase more groups.
  • It is supportable for usability of multinational customers, not only Thai customers.

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